Jessica and Krystal Feature in Behind-the-Scenes Fashion Shoot Videos

2014-12-10 20:58:37 2014-12-10 21:03:12

Videos have surfaced on the Internet that show former Girls’ Generation star Jessica and (f)x member Krystal behind the scenes at a photo shoot session for fashion brand lapalette.

lapalette specializes in accessories such as handbags, and the two videos feature the stars carrying a number of different handbag designs as a photographer takes pictures. In one of the videos, the girls are also shown taking a look at some of the photographs on a computer monitor.

The celebrity sisters have already featured in promotional material for the brand, and have also taken part in promotional activities for lapalette.


Jessica appeared at a “fan signing” event for lapalette’s Myeongdong Mega Shop on December 6, while Krystal will appear at a similar event on December 13 at the Lotte Department store, also in the Myeongdong district of Seoul.

In November, the fashion label released behind-the-scenes images of Jessica and Krystal posing at what seems to be the same photo shoot.