Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” Appointed Honorary Trade Ambassadors

2014-12-10 23:51:30 2014-12-10 23:54:29

On December 11, Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” were appointed honorary trade ambassadors for the Korea International Trade Association.

Kang So Ra shared her feelings at a ceremony for the two actors, showing her respect for those in the industry and displaying her humor. She stated, “I am honored that my first time being an ambassador is as a trade ambassador. I thought I would probably be an ambassador for something related to eating. There are many in the trade industry with great skills and who work very hard, so it is a respected field. I have been learning these things through filming the drama.”

“Misaeng” tells the story of employees at One International, a fictional international trading company.

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