KARA’s Gyuri: “I Wear High Heels so as Not to Ruin Fans’ Fantasies”

2014-12-10 19:06:00 2014-12-10 19:06:00

KARA leader Gyuri has revealed that she only wears high heels to fulfill the “fantasies” of the  girl group’s fans, despite the fact that wearing such footwear causes her discomfort.

The singer was speaking on the December 10 edition of KBS2 show “Family’s Dignity: Full House.”

She explained, “As a girl group member, I have to wear high heels all the time. So people think I am a lot taller than I actually am. But celebrities should not dash their fans’ expectations, because to do so would ruin their fantasies. That is why I never wear flat shoes.”

Gyuri also added, “Wearing high heels actually gives me back pain, but I just have to put up with it because I am a professional.”

KARA is set to contribute a track entitled “Angel” to the DSP Media album release “White Letter” album, which will drop on December 15. Also contributing to the album will be fellow DSP artists such as Rainbow and A-Jax.