SMROOKIES’ Taeyong Offers Apology for His Past Wrongdoings

2014-12-10 13:03:50 2014-12-10 13:03:50

Prior to his official debut, SMROOKIES member Taeyong has been caught up in a controversy after his past wrongdoings have come to light. Following reports that Taeyong had been involved in a number of online scamming incidents, SM Entertainment released an official apology on behalf of the SMROOKIES member.

It was recently revealed through netizens’ post on various online communities that Taeyong had allegedly staged a number of scams on an online trading site, through which he used false advertising, received money but never delivered the items, and sent out defective products to buyers.

The posts also included text messages that were exchanged with the SMROOKIES member, in which he used swears and obscenities after the buyer confronted Taeyong about the problematic transaction.

In response to the growing controversy, on December 10, SM Entertainment offered an apology on behalf of Taeyong, acknowledging his wrongdoings: “[Taeyong] is deeply reflecting on his wrong behavior that lacked good judgment during his middle school days. He has expressed his sincerest apologies to everyone who has been affected by his actions. Not only Taeyong, but we, as the company, will work to make him grow as an artist with talent as well as good character.”
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