Kang Ha Neul Unable to Join “Misaeng” Cast Vacation

2014-12-11 01:54:22 2014-12-11 01:54:22

Discussions are currently being held for a “Misaeng” cast vacation to Cebu from December 22-26. Though plans are not finalized, cast member Kang Ha Neul will not be able to attend, due to a previous commitment scheduled during that time for the stage play “Harold & Maude,” which is his first play in his acting career.

A rep from his agency shared that since “Misaeng” was a project with extremely good teamwork, Kang Ha Neul feels disappointed that he won’t be able to attend, but will channel that energy into putting on a good performance on stage.

Kang Ha Neul plays Jang Baek Ki on “Misaeng,” a new employee with an impressive background who struggles to prove himself.

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