“Misaeng” Writer to Continue Web Series

2014-12-11 23:10:26 2014-12-11 23:10:26

Yoon Tae Ho, the writer of the “Misaeng” web-based comic that the current tvN series of the same name is based on, has said he will be writing another installment of the comic.

The TV drama, which stars Z:EA member Im Siwan, has won many fans since it began airing in October 17, and is now approaching its thrilling finale, which is set to air later this month. Yoon Tae Ho told tvN viewers that he plans to continue the “Miaseng” story, however.

He explained, “I am thinking of making a total of three parts to the new series. The first part centers on the company. The second part will focus on how Jang Geu Rae [played by Im Siwan in the TV series] goes to Jordan to attempt to negotiate business deals.”

The writer also added that he expects the third part of the new story to focus on “marriage, which is the main issue for people in their late twenties.”

When asked if this mean that readers could expect to see a love story develop for Jang Geu Rae, Yoon Tae Ho commented, “Of course. He won’t live alone!”

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