“Punch” Actors Kim Rae Won and Jo Jae Hyun Make Ratings Promise to Broadcast in Their Underwear

2014-12-11 02:02:08 2014-12-11 02:02:08

Jo Jae Hyun and Kim Rae Won made a shocking ratings promise for their upcoming show “Punch.” On December 11, they were guests on the radio program “Cultwo Show,” where they shared that if their new show “Punch” reaches viewer ratings of 22 percent, they will come back as guests on the “Cultwo Show” wearing only their underwear.

It started out with Jo Jae Hyun talking about the low drama ratings this year. “These days, weekday dramas usually bring in 7-9 percent viewer ratings. That is why we’ll start off lightly with 11 percent ratings for our first episode.”

Imagining the possibility, Kim Rae Won said, “It would be nice if the first episode brought in ratings near 10 percent. Then the drama could finish at over 15 percent in ratings.”

Jo Jae Hyun responded by saying, “No, it has to come out to 22 percent by then. It’s about time for a drama to do that. That drama will be ‘Punch.’ If the viewer ratings exceed 22 percent, I will do a broadcast in just my underwear.”

Kim Rae Won appeared somewhat flustered but agreed to his co-star’s commitment, saying he would prepare for such an event.

“Punch” is a new drama from the writer of “The Chaser” and “Empire of Gold,” a legal thriller starring Kim Rae Won, Jo Jae Hyun, and Kim Ah Joong. It follows “Secret Door” and begins on December 15.