Roy Kim Announces New Christmas Song in a Holiday Outfit

2014-12-11 22:33:57 2014-12-11 22:33:57
Roy Kim

Singer Roy Kim announced the release of a new Christmas song.

On December 11, Roy Kim posted on his Instagram, “Finished mixing a Christmas song. it’s gonna be Christmas Day soon,” notifying his fans of the release of a new song.

A picture of Roy Kim in a Santa hat, partially covering one side of his eye, also increased fans’ anticipation towards the new song.

Roy Kim has received great love from his songs “Spring Spring Spring” and “Love Love Love” last spring and winter. In October, his song “Home” delivered the sentimental emotions of Fall to listeners. With his Christmas song, which will be released in December, he will have released a series of songs that represent all four seasons.

According to his management agency CJ E&M, his next song will be revealed on December 19, a day before his winter concert, “Our Winter #2,” which will be held December 20-21 at Yonsei University.