Yoon Kyoon Sang Shows Good Manners Behind the Scenes of “Pinocchio”

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Behind-the-scenes photos from “Pinocchio” recently released display actor Yoon Kyoon Sang’s tall stature and good manners. The photos show the actor standing with his legs split wide apart to make it more comfortable for female staff members, who are much shorter than him, to do their work adjusting his makeup and hair. In one photo, he can be seen making a playful face at the camera as staff members work around him. This is quite a different image than viewers are used to seeing in the show, where his character has shown a vicious and murderous side.

Yoon Kyoon Sang plays Ki Jae Myung, brother to Lee Jong Suk’s Choi Dal Po character in “Pinocchio.”

Pinocchio Yoon Kyoon Sang

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