Yoon Kyoon Sang’s Dog in “Pinocchio” Was Cast to Help Find Owner

2014-12-11 23:45:26 2014-12-11 23:50:49

The dog that has appeared in scenes with actor Yoon Kyoon Sang in the drama series “Pinocchio” is actually a stray, and the makers of the show decided to use the animal with the hope that someone would come forward to claim it.

The dog, which is a Korean Jindo female called Bani, is currently under the care of a dog shelter called Empathy for Life. The organization’s mission is to take care of dogs that have been separated from their owners.

A spokesperson for the “Pinocchio” production team explained, “We heard Bani’s sad story and we decided to include her in the drama in the hope that she could find a good owner. We hope that Bani will be able to find a good family soon.”

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