Lee Hyun Woo Shows How Much He’s Changed in a Year on Upcoming Episode of “Running Man”

2014-12-12 20:19:29 2014-12-12 20:19:29

Actor Lee Hyun Woo showed how much he’s changed since when he was on Running Man last year, during the filming for the upcoming episode of the popular variety show.

On the upcoming episode of “Running Man,” the cast and the guest will on on a quest to find an ancient artifact. Lee Hyun Woo will turn into a professional technician and play intense mind games.

Lee Hyun Woo surprised the cast with his entrance to the show, as he seemed much more mature and confident than a year ago. However, as soon as the race started, he went back to the cute and smiling self from his last appearance on the show a year ago.

Lee Hyun Woo will be a guest on the December 14 broadcast of “Running Man,” along with Kim Woo Bin.