Sean and Jung Hye Young Show Their Love for Each Other in “Healing Camp” Stills

2014-12-12 20:31:04 2014-12-12 20:31:04

Singer Sean and actress Jung Hye Young live up to their nickname as the ‘Angelic Couple’ by holding hands and caring for each other in newly released stills of SBS’ “Healing Camp.”

The married couple recently participated in filming the talk show, and the photos taken during the shoot were unveiled by the show’s producers on December 13.

In the photos, Sean and Jung Hye Young are seen enjoying a date outside while dressed up in thick winter coats. Despite the chilly weather, the two seem to be having a great time while holding hands and making each other laugh, showing off their healthy and loving relationship.

Parents of four children, the couple embraced the opportunity to focus exclusively on each other, a representative of “Healing Camp” said.

This episode featuring Sean and Jung Hye Young of “Healing Camp” will air on December 15  at 11:15 p.m.