“Superman Returns” Song Triplets Dress Up for Christmas

2014-12-12 22:00:50 2014-12-12 22:00:50

Get ready for a cuteness overload from “Superman Returns” Song triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. On the December 14 broadcast of the show, Song Il Gook and his triplets are shown making a calendar for 2015 wearing cute Christmas outfits. The set was overflowing with Christmas spirit as the triplets transformed in little Ruldophs wearing red long johns, reindeer headbands, and fur hats. Another outfit had them wearing white socks and a knit hat, which made them look like little fairies straight out of a comic book.

The triplets were full of mischief as usual. They were watching their father put up Christmas ornaments on the wall and kept pulling the ornaments off. Song Il Gook tried to stop his triplets, but the kids kept playing around, unable to stop their giggling. Song Il Gook finally diverted their attention by pulling out red tricycles and calling them Rudolph’s sleigh.

Song triplets