Taecyeon and Minki the Dog Have a Sweet Reunion on “Three Meals a Day”

2014-12-12 22:51:45 2014-12-12 22:51:45

On tvN’s December 12 broadcast of variety show “Three Meals a Day,” Ok Taecyeon saw dog Minki for the first time in a month and half and was surprised by how big the dog had gotten.

Taecyeon displayed his affection for the dog, saying, “Oh it’s Minki. You got really big. You look so different. Minki, how were you? Come here, Minki.”

Minki likewise was happy to see Ok Taecyeon and followed him around. As Minki is only able to use the bathroom outside, Taecyeon brought a cute red outfit for Minki to wear and stay warm.

Both Ok Taecyeon and Minki got excited about the present and the scene caused heartwarming smiles.

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