BTOB Minhyuk Sets New Vaulting Record on “Dream Team Season 2”

2014-12-13 21:10:04 2014-12-13 21:14:07

BTOB Minhyuk proved himself to be one of the most athletic idols.

A competition to determine the best out of the best in vaulting the horse was held through KBS 2’s “Dream Team Season 2” on December 14.

Topp Dogg’s P-Goon, JJCC’s Simba, Cross Gene’s Sangmin, 100%’s Changbum, and MAD TOWN’s JOTA made up Coach Yeo Hong Chul’s team, while Ricky Kim, Choi Sung Jo, BTOB’s Minhyuk, MY NAME’s SeYong, and Big Star’s Feeldog made up Coach Yoo Ohk Ryul’s team.

The highlight of the game was when Sangmin, Ricky Kim, JOTA, and Minhyuk succeeded in jumping over a horse 2m 50cm high, which was previously the third highest record achieved by SHINee and Jo Sung Mo.

Minhyuk especially caught the attention of the audience by easily jumping the board despite its tall height. By being the only participant to jump over a 2m 75cm horse, he set a new record and became the winner of the competition.

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