Daesung Reveals Why He’s Drawn to Trot Music

2014-12-13 21:05:57 2014-12-13 21:05:57

BIGBANG‘s Daesung revealed why he is so drawn to making trot music, after the success of his recent Japanese trot album “D-LITE.”

He said that he is drawn to trot music as his parents are big fan of the genre. He further added, “It’s a genre I feel comfortable with.” Traditionally, trot is a genre that appeals to the older demographic.

Japan’s Oricon Style reported earlier that “Daesung’s mini album ‘D-LITE’ sold 71,000 copies, and is very popular among listeners.” The singer’s latest mini album is a trot album, and Daesung even held a surprise event in Shinbashi to appeal to salarymen.

A representative from YGEX commented, “The song ‘Look at Me Gwisoon‘ was very well-received among his fans, and at concerts everyone felt so unified. It was lauded by those in the industry, so we thought it would be fun to focus on this image.”

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