DSP Friends Release Music Video for “White” Featuring Kara, Rainbow, A-Jax, and More

2014-12-14 19:14:13 2014-12-14 19:14:13

DSP Entertainment has released a festive music video for the DSP Friends holiday collaboration track “White.”

Part of DSP’s special winter album “White Letter,” “White” is a cheerful Christmas carol song that features DSP artists Kara, Rainbow, A-Jax, Oh Jong Hyukand trainees So Min and Chae Won.

In the music video for “White,” the musicians can be seen writing holiday messages to their fans, and having friendly conversations with each other.

DSP also released a special behind-the-scenes video where the artists can be seen shooting the album art for the holiday album. They also promote their upcoming label Christmas concert through the video.

Check out the music video for “White” and the behind-the-scenes videos below.