Hunan TV Invites WINNER for the Biggest Year-End TV Show in China

2014-12-14 23:56:29 2014-12-14 23:56:29

Monster rookie group WINNER have proven their amazing popularity in China by receiving an invitation to attend China’s biggest year-end TV show.

Hunan TV’s New Year Concert” is the biggest year-end show wherein huge stars mainly from China and some popular foreign artists come together to celebrate the coming of the new year. It has been reported earlier that popular boy group EXO and soloist Zhang Li Yin have also received invites to attend the same show. It will also be a first for Hunan TV to invite a rookie group like WINNER to join their roster of artists for the said celebration.

WINNER will be performing their hit songs “Empty” and “Just Another Boy” for the New Year show that will be held on December 31 in Guangzhou International Sports Arena.