Joo Won Wants to Date Before His 20s Are Over

2014-12-14 06:11:04 2014-12-14 06:13:22

Actor Joo Won hopes to find a special someone before turning thirty.

On the December 14 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the star had an interview with reporter Park Seul Gi.

As next year will be Joo Won’s last before he enters his thirties, Park Seul Gi asked him, “What would you like to achieve before your 20s are over?”

Without hesitation, the actor replied, “I want to date.”

Known for his bright personality and use of aegyo, Joo Won talked about his relationship with his parents. He said, “Being a son, there is a blunt and cold side to me. I can’t be like a daughter. But in order to make up for that, I even go to the kitchen.” “Although I am not a good cook, I like making food. When it’s my parents’ birthday, I even prepare seaweed soup with beef for them,” he added.

The actor continued to reveal that his parents did not instantly approve of his career choice, and said, “Me and my parents had our first conflict when I told I wanted to start acting. Actually, it was more like all of us were deeply worried.”

In conclusion, Joo Won promised to return soon with even better acting.