SHINee Successfully Finishes Their 20-city Japanese Tour

2014-12-14 21:03:05 2014-12-14 21:03:05

Popular boy band SHINee has successfully completed their Japanese hall and arena tour.

According to SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment on December 15, SHINee filled the World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan with 16,000 passionate fans between December 13 and 14. This was the last leg of their “SHINee World 2014 ~ I’m Your Boy ~” tour.

For these two-and-a-half hour concerts, SHINee performed 25 of their hit songs including their Japanese singles like “Boys Meet U” and “LUCKY STAR” as well as their Korean hits such as “Everybody” and “Dream Girl.”

The concerts were especially memorable since December 14 was Onew’s birthday. The fans prepared and sang a song to wish Onew a happy birthday, which was a very touching moment for the members.

After the performance, SHINee said, “Thank you very much for cheering us on with so much passion. This was a lot of fun thanks to you, our fans.” They added, “We’re also preparing hard for the Tokyo Dome concert next March, so please look forward to it. We hope to see you again at Tokyo Dome.”

With that, SHINee successfully completed their 20-city, 30-concert tour that began in the Ichihara City Hall in Chiba, gathering 200,000 audience members in total.

Meanwhile, SHINee will be holding a solo concert in Tokyo Dome for the first time since their Japanese debut on March 14 and 15. The concert, “SHINee World 2014 ~ I’m Your Boy ~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome,” will be the finale and encore to the Japanese tour.