Tumblr Ranks Most Reblogged K-Pop Groups of 2014 Including EXO, BTS, B.A.P, and More

2014-12-14 01:38:05 2014-12-14 01:38:05

It is known that many fans of K-Pop worldwide utilize a number of different social networking sites and platforms to share their love for the music and the artists. One of the commonly used platforms, Tumblr, a microblogging site and social networking service, included K-Pop as one of the categories in its ‘Year in Review’ analysis.

Tumblr’s ‘Year in Review’ is said to showcase some of the best things that happened on the Internet from 2014 after analyzing “millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes” according to factors such as the total number of posts and tags, web user traffic, and more.

The SNS platform recently revealed a ranking of the most reblogged K-Pop groups throughout the entire year of 2014. This particular list is based on the findings of Tumblr’s breakdown for the entire year, which may be an indication of the most popular or most talked-about subjects in K-Pop this year amongst Tumblr users.

The list is as follows:

1. EXO
2. BTS
3. B.A.P
4. Girls’ Generation
5. SHINee
8. GOT7
9. Super Junior
11. f(x)
12. Block B
13. 2NE1
14. TVXQ
15. B1A4
16. iKON
17. Red Velvet
20. 2PM