Yeo Jin Goo Obtains Boating License for Movie “Shoot My Heart”

2014-12-14 17:28:07 2014-12-14 17:28:07
Yeo Jin Goo

Yeo Jin Goo revealed that he obtained his boating license.

On MBC’s “Section TV,” aired on December 14, Yeo Jin Goo said that he recently received his ID.

When asked what he wanted to do first with it, he confessed, “I really wanted to see ‘Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed a Monster’ at the theaters,” since he was previously unable to watch the rated R movie in which he starred as the main character.

He also answered to a question asking what he wanted to do the most when he became legal, saying, “I really want to get my drivers license. I’m really interested in cars, and I want to try driving.”

Despite not being able to drive a car, Yeo Jin Goo was able to drive a boat in “Shoot My Heart” since the minimum age for requiring a boating license is 14.

“I met all the requirements for getting a boating license so I could drive one myself,” he proudly said.

“Shoot My Heart,” starring Lee Min Ki and Yeo Jin Goo, tells the story of the unlikely friendship between two mental asylum patients who try to break out and gain freedom. It will be out in theaters in January 2015.