Baek Ji Young to Visit “Roommate” House for Christmas Party

2014-12-15 18:56:21 2014-12-15 18:56:47

Singer Baek Ji Young will be visiting the “Roommate” house, as invited by Lee Gook Joo.

Baek Ji Young, who is a close friend to Lee Gook Joo, was invited to the Christmas party held at the celebrities’ shared home. As soon as she arrived at the house, she started helping out with the cooking. She ate voraciously at the party, praising the roommates’ kimchi back rib dish. The dish was created using the kimchi that roommates Lee Dong Wook, Nana, and Lee Gook Joo made on a previous episode.

The Christmas party episode of SBS‘ “Roommate” with Baek Ji Young as a guest will air this Tuesday, on December 16.

The current season of “Roommate” stars Lee Gook Joo, Lee Dong Wook, Nana, Sunny, Jackson, Heo Young Ji, among others.