J.Tune Camp Responds to Lee Joon and Thunder’s Withdrawal + Comments on MBLAQ’s Future

2014-12-15 18:31:44 2014-12-15 18:35:16

In the midst of reports announcing that Lee Joon and Thunder have officially departed from MBLAQ following the termination of their contract with J.Tune Camp, the agency has provided a statement on their position in response, and also commented on the future of the rest of the MBLAQ members.

A representative of J.Tune Camp revealed to X Sports News on December 16: “MBLAQ, as a team, will continue on as is. It is not yet the time to comment on whether [MBLAQ] will promote as three members or if the group will be restructured. We will reveal our definite plans later on.”

About Lee Joon and Thunder’s withdrawal announcement, the rep explained, “If Lee Joon and Thunder have expressed their stance on withdrawing from the team, we will respect their intentions. We were belatedly informed that the two of them revealed their decision through a law firm. We are surprised that they acted in this way without any prior discussion with the agency. It is unfortunate that we were unable to come to a successful conclusion.”

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