“K-Pop Star 4” PD Responds to Criticism Regarding Judges’ Behavior

2014-12-15 03:15:19 2014-12-15 03:15:19

Park Sung Hoon PD of SBS’ survival show “K-Pop Star 4” has addressed the recent criticism regarding the judges’ behavior and rhetoric on the show.

The complaints from the viewers have increased after music critic Lee Dae Hwa left a message on his Facebook on December 14. The critic shared a clip of an applauded performance by contestant Lee Jin Ah featured on the December 14 broadcast of the show, and wrote, “Wow.. Is this kind of music even possible? Personally, I didn’t lose my consciousness even after listening to The Beatles and their prelude.”

In the video, Park Jin Young is seen praising Lee Jin Ah, saying, “I will stop doing music. I really want to hide. Although I anticipated the lyrics, I could not hear even one word. I lost my mind. I lost consciousness when you started playing the prelude.”

To explain the show’s stance on the issue, Park Sung Hoon PD commented to news outlet OSEN, “The audition is a place for evaluating amateurs. If people can be so touched in that situation, then being moved is not an overreaction.”

“All of the three judges are honest people by nature, and because of that, they are unable to put on an act. Their judging has been frank and honest,” the producer added, and concluded by saying, “Even the producers can relate to their emotions when present at the filming site.”