“Misaeng” Kang So Ra’s Net Worth Increases Six-Fold after Drama

2014-12-15 23:42:45 2014-12-15 23:45:02

Current “Misaeng” star Kang So Ra is enjoying a huge surge in popularity among Korean advertisers. The actress, who won fame with an appearance in the 2011 movie “Sunny,” originally made her debute in a horror film in 2009.

Kang So Ra’s fame has since skyrocketed, and she now has a total of six advertising contracts with companies, one of which is a major water park. She is also said to be negotiating on other deals. Reports claim that she is currently averaging an advertising income of 300 million won (about 274,000 USD) per deal this year.

Yoon Tae Ho, the writer of the web-based comic that the drama series is based on, said of Kang So Ra, “I was a little worried when I first saw her. I thought that she looked too beautiful to be able to play a realistic character.

Im Siwan, who plays Jang Geu Rae in the drama, has also seen exceptional success with endorsements, having already shot seven with another eight lined up, for a total of fifteen.

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