Roy Kim Reveals Jacket Photo for His Self-Composed Winter Carol “It’s Christmas Day”

2014-12-15 19:23:29 2014-12-15 19:23:29

Singer Roy Kim has revealed the jacket image for the upcoming release of his very own self-composed Winter carol song titled “It’s Christmas Day.”

On December 16, the singer’s agency stated, “The jacket image for the new single has been revealed. The photo gives off a year-end seasonal feeling with the title of the song, ‘It’s Christmas Day,’ as well as the Rudolf reindeer antlers and snowflake logo.”

With this new song, Roy Kim will be able to complete an entire series of songs that represent all four seasons of the year. “Spring Spring Spring” and “Love Love Love” portray the spring and summer seasons, while “Home” captures the sentimental emotions of Fall, and now, “It’s Christmas Day” will deliver the warm feelings of the winter season.

The agency rep also explained, “This is also a song that Roy Kim personally composed and wrote himself. It is a sweet love song that expresses, ‘Because it’s Christmas, let’s make the love confessions we haven’t been able to.’ He will perform the first live stage of this song at his year-end concert this coming December 20 and 21.”

“It’s Christmas Day” is scheduled to be released on December 19.