San E Willing to Meet with Criticizing Post Writer and Apologize

2014-12-15 18:16:18 2014-12-15 18:16:18

Rapper San E has spoke out himself, regarding the recent online post that criticized his behavior at a concert.

Previously, an anonymous individual who identified himself as the music director of Asan Owl Festival, wrote a detailed post on a hip-hop community board criticizing San E and his staff’s rude behavior at the show. He accused San E and his managing staff of arriving later than promised, cursing at the backstage staff, and causing other difficulties. He also added that San E’s fans volunteered to be a support staff for the festival, but did not complete their duties after San E’s performance.

In his statement, San E apologized for his staff’s behavior, and claimed that they have decided few days earlier that he will be starting at midnight, not at 11:30pm.

He also voiced his wish to meet up with the person who posted the complaint and apologize in person. He added, “This [apology] wasn’t because of my company. This is my wish.”

Earlier in September, rapper Sikboy released a track that also criticized San E’s behavior backstage at a concert in LA.

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