“Hara On & Off” Poster Reveals Goo Hara’s Sexy and Sweet Side

2014-12-16 19:26:05 2014-12-16 19:28:07
Goo Hara

Goo Hara showed off her charms in the poster of her first MBC Music reality show “Hara On & Off.”

In the poster, which was revealed December 17, Goo Hara shows off both a sweet and sexy side. While wearing pink pajamas, she poses with adorable expressions, magnifying her cute side. In another shot, she shifts into a sexy aura by wearing a scandalously cut black and cheetah print dress with a seductive look on her face.

Her scandalously cut black dress that revealed her innerwear especially showed off her alluring body, catching the eye of many by exposing her rarely seen sexy side.

The staff of the poster shooting, which went through five contrasting outfits, said, “The shooting ended quickly because Goo Hara was talented at absorbing all the different concepts. She made the shootings easier by aggressively approaching concepts that worried the staff of being too scandalous.”

“Hara On & Off” is a reality TV show that plans to remove Goo Hara from the limelight and reveal her down-to-earth human side. It will also crack down on rumors about her, identifying which are true and which are not. First airing on December 29, it will play all of its eight episodes from noon. From the first week of January, each episode will be aired every week on Monday evenings.