J.Tune Camp Reveals Plans for MBLAQ to Continue as 3 Members, Confirms Comeback Next Year

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In the midst of the reports that Lee Joon and Thunder have not renewed their contracts with J.Tune Camp, therefore ending promotions with MBLAQ, the agency has released an official statement.

On December 16, through an official press release, J.Tune Camp revealed, “The agency has continued to go through a process of negotiation with Lee Joon and Thunder regarding their contract renewal, and at the end of these long discussions, we have decided to respect their opinions to go their separate ways. The two members have personally expressed the desire to focus on their individual paths as an actor and as a musician, and we sincerely wish them the best to be able to follow their dreams in a good environment in the future.

Regardless of the end of the two members’ team activities, MBLAQ will continue on from now on. MBLAQ has plans to release an album as three members in the first half of next year, and they will also be taking part in solo as well as other individual activities. We once again thank all the fans that support and cheer on MBLAQ, and we ask that you continue to show a lot of love and interest.”

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