Lee Hyun Woo Reveals He Has A Bad Boy Side To Him Too

2014-12-16 13:47:43 2014-12-16 13:47:43

Actor Lee Hyun Woo, who has innocent-looking good looks, has revealed that he can also play the bad guy and show his bad boy side.

At the press screening of the film “The Technicians” on December 16, actor Lee Hyun Woo made a promising statement, “I also have that (bad) side in me.”

“The character of Jong Bae (that I play in ‘The Technicians’) doesn’t care about anybody and I talked a lot with the director after worrying about the scenes. At the shoot, the director ordered me to do a lot of things. He said he wished I make the role better by bringing out the badness in the character and making the look in my eyes even stronger. So I expressed those things a lot,” said Lee Hyun Woo.

“Honestly, I also have this (bad) side in me. Doesn’t everyone? We have a lot of facets to ourselves,” added Lee Hyun Woo.

In the upcoming movie “The Technicians,” Lee Hyun Woo plays the role of Jong Bae, a cyber hacker. “The Technicians” will premiere on December 24.

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