Lee Jong Suk’s “Pinocchio” Character Reports His First News Story

2014-12-16 00:25:21 2014-12-16 00:25:21

Stills from this week’s episodes of “Pinocchio” reveal Lee Jong Suk in a clean-cut suit holding a YGN microphone as his character Choi Dal Po reports his first news story.

Choi Dal Po appears with neat hair and a fashionable suit, displaying a picture-perfect image of a broadcast reporter. This is a change for him, as he and his fellow newbie reporters have thus far been portrayed as hygienically challenged, walking around for days with disheveled hair and clothes.

The stills also reveal that Choi Dal Po is reporting from a vacant, dilapidated lot filled with mounds of dirt. He appears to be covering a big story as there are active policemen behind him and he is shown interviewing a detective.

A “Pinocchio” staff member shared, “This week’s broadcast will have Choi Dal Po’s first news report. This will be the starting point for more exciting stories about reporters. Lee Jong Suk prepared a lot for Choi Dal Po’s first reporting assignment, from his speaking tone, diction, gestures, and facial expressions. He worked hard so he could accurately portray a reporter.

Pinocchio Lee Jong Suk

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