BTS Gives Cancer-Stricken Venezuelan Fan An Early Christmas Present

2014-12-17 23:01:28 2014-12-17 23:01:28

With only a few more days ’til Christmas, BTS has decided to play Santa Claus and gave one of their fans an early Christmas gift.

On December 12, Venezuela’s biggest news channel La Patilla reported that BTS has done a special event for one of their fans.

It was reported that BTS has given 15-year-old Rahily Ramos, who is currently battling cancer, a special gift to lift up her spirits especially this Christmas season. The group gave Ramos a signed CD and sent her their messages to inspire her and wish her well.

It was also reported that BTS found out about their fan’s condition through a family that got in touch with the Korean embassy in Venezuela in behalf of Ramos. The family hoped that BTS could send a message for the teenager to gain some strength and to encourage her on her treatment.

After hearing about Ramos and her condition, BTS prepared a signed CD and their messages for Ramos and sent it through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

La Patilla reported that upon receiving BTS’ gift, Ramos was very happy and her mother, while saying it was the best gift that her daughter received, had tears in her eyes.