“Misaeng” Finale Extended to 90 Minutes

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The final episode of “Misaeng” will be extended to 90 minutes. This has been done “in order to end the show faithfully.” The penultimate episode has been pulled forward, starting five minutes earlier than usual.

The final episodes will show how Sales Team 3 deals with unexpected developments in their current business project and the process of how they conclude this business deal. Sales Team 3 will continue to work on a business deal pushed by Executive Director Choi, a solar panel project in China.

[Warning: Minor spoiler ahead for those who haven’t seen at least to the end of Episode 17]

Executive Director Choi and Manager Oh (Lee Sung Min) have had a strained relationship since the death of a female contract worker. However, Manager Oh has determined to take on a project backed by Executive Director Choi in order to secure another contract worker, Jang Geu Rae (Im Siwan), a permanent position with the company.

As the team works on the project, they discover their Chinese partner company is demanding unprecedented conditions. As Sales Team 3 struggles with how to proceed, conflict with the Executive Director deepens as his intentions are questioned. Jang Geu Rae goes through inner turmoil himself as he discovers that Manager Oh is working with Executive Director Choi in order to get him a permanent position.

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Misaeng finale

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