Actor Jang Soo Won Once Paid For G-Dragon’s Meal

2014-12-19 06:17:58 2014-12-19 06:17:58

Former member of the immensely popular boy band Sechs Kies and actor Jang Soo Won revealed that that he once paid for G-Dragon‘s meal on the recent episode of Happy Together 3.”

The talk started when Jo Sae Ho said, “Jang Soo Won never lets those who are younger than him pay for any meals.”

Jang Soo Won replied, “I think that’s what I learned from my seniors. Whenever I was with them, they always paid for me. Once, when I was in a Japanese restaurant, Ji Sang Ryeol had paid for my meal without me knowing and I was really surprised. One day, in early morning, I met G-Dragon at a restaurant where it sold sausage and rice soup. Frankly, I didn’t really need to pay for him but since I received so much from others and the price wasn’t even that expensive. After that, I received a call from him and he said thanks. I was worried whether I was interfering in something I wasn’t supposed to. “

Jang Soo Won on Happy Together 3