BTOB Donates Safety Gloves to Firefighters

2014-12-19 10:07:46 2014-12-19 10:07:46

Idol group BTOB recently donated safety gloves to the Jeonnam Fire Department.

On December 19, the Jeonnam Fire Department tweeted through their official account a photo with the caption, “Wearing the safety gloves that were donated by Cube Entertainment.” In the picture, the firefighters are standing in V-formation, holding up their hands to show off their new safety gloves.

Cube Entertainment, BTOB’s management agency, commented, “We want to sincerely thank not just the members of the Jeonnam Fire Department but all of our nation’s firefighters.”

The donation was sparked by a piece written earlier this year in June by the wife of a firefighter. The wife revealed that due to local government budget cuts, firefighters have had to pay out of pocket for safety gloves.

The piece attracted a lot of attention and incited discussion. Many were indignant that local heroes had to use their own money to pay for gloves. There was further outrage when it was revealed that one municipality handed out cotton gloves to its firefighters.

After catching wind of this, the members of BTOB decided to contribute whatever they could to the situation. After pooling together a not insignificant amount of money, they gave it to their agency, asking them to use it to buy safety gloves for firefighters.

A source from Cube Entertainment commented, “Through this opportunity, we hope to spread awareness of the hard work of our firefighters.”