KARA’s Heo Youngji Says She Sometimes Sees Jackson as a Man

2014-12-19 20:35:15 2014-12-19 20:35:15

KARA‘s newest member Heo Youngji confessed to seeing GOT7‘s Jackson as a man in a recent interview with Osen.

In the interview, the interviewer asked her whether she ever saw Jackson, her co-star on celebrity room-sharing variety show “Roommate,” as a man. Youngji replied honestly, saying, “Jackson has a sensitive side to him. When you call him cute, he gets pissed off. He’d say that he’s a ‘real man.’ Sometimes he would act very responsible, as if he’s older. When he lifts heavy things or tries to look after me. I’ll get touched when he does that, but only briefly. I really like him as a friend, not as a love interest. There’s zero possibility of us becoming a couple. Jackson probably thinks the same way.”

She also talked about her other “Roommate” co-star, Lee Dong Wook, admitting that she was a long-time fan of his. “When I started shooting ‘Roommate,’ I couldn’t even meet his eyes because I was so nervous. Now I’m okay. I’m still a forever fan.”