Newlywed Bride Kim So Eun Wears a Hanbok for Song Jae Rim on “We Got Married”

2014-12-19 01:47:46 2014-12-19 02:08:25

Stills from this weekend’s “We Got Married” episode show newlywed bride Kim So Eun dressed demurely in a hanbok.

Traditionally, after a woman in Korea gets married, she wears a hanbok at home for a period of time. As Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim recently held a marriage ceremony, Kim So Eun followed tradition by wearing one. While wearing the traditional Korean dress, Kim So Eun washed her husband Song Jae Rim’s face for him and applied a mud mask, playing into the role of the traditional newlywed.

While Song Jae Rim found the housewife role play somewhat awkward, he also enjoyed this new side to Kim So Eun and couldn’t hide his smile.

The episode also reveals that the couple will be heading to Turkey for their honeymoon, a destination that Kim So Eun has wanted to visit for a long time, and the trip planning finds the couple in their usual bickering.

WGM Solim newlyweds at home

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