“Pinocchio” Continues Clever Use of Cameos

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After the December 18 broadcast of “Pinocchio,” the teaser for next week’s episodes showed a scene with Yoon Sang Hyun, as his character from “I Can Hear Your Voice.” This upcoming cameo is one of many on “Pinocchio.” While cameos can sometimes feel forced, they are used in seamless and even clever ways in “Pinocchio,” and have viewers enjoying familiar faces and voices.

The cameos on “Pinocchio” are well utilized, putting guests in roles that fit their image, past works, and talents. For instance, Lim Sung Hoon, a veteran TV host, appeared as a quiz show host in the beginning of the show, and Jang Hang Joon, a director, appeared on the show as a movie director. Actors Jang Kwang, Ahn Sun Young, and Choi Jong Hoon appeared as a school principal, television writer, and factory worker, respectively.

pinocchio cameo

Suzy also had a cameo of sorts on the episode that aired on December 18. Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang) tells his mother that he’s going to finally tell Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) that he was the one who, for years, received the text messages she meant for her mother. His mother takes that as a sign of Seo Bum Jo trying to move past his crush on Choi In Ha, and sets up a blind date for him. She texts him a picture of his date, and it turns out to be none other than miss A’s Suzy.

Pinocchio Suzy

However, the best cameos may be those from the “Pinocchio” team’s previous drama, “I Can Hear Your Voice.” Jung Woong In had a cameo in an earlier episode, as his “I Can Hear Your Voice” character. He revived his serial killer character, appearing in Choi In Ha’s dream sequence. As mentioned earlier, Yoon Sang Hyun will also be appearing in an upcoming episode as his “I Can Hear Your Voice” character.

Pinocchio Jung Woong In

Other “I Can Hear Your Voice” alums are present in “Pinocchio” as well. Lee Bo Young had a voice cameo in an early episode, and there are actors who are in both dramas, like Kim Kwang Gyu, Kim Hae Sook, and of course, Lee Jong Suk.

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