Sunny Reveals Onew Worried about His Singing Career before Undergoing Vocal Cord Surgery

2014-12-19 01:17:09 2014-12-19 01:17:09

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny recently made mention of labelmate SHINee’s Onew, as she shared a story about him.

During the December 17 radio broadcast of MBC FM4U “Sunny’s FM Date,” Onew’s name was brought up during a conversation with the guest, singer Kim Yeon Woo.

Sunny said, “I heard that you’ve gotten close with SHINee’s Onew recently. I also heard that Onew has been receiving help from you [Kim Yeon Woo].”

In response, Kim Yeon Woo shared about Onew’s current condition: “[His] voice has gotten a lot better after his vocal cord surgery. I saw him after a long time. I’ve been trying to get him to stop smoking. I told him, ‘Promise me, this time, let’s do it right.’”

Sunny continued, “I’m good friends with Onew because we’re the same age. I’m thankful that you [Kim Yeon Woo] revealed, on broadcast, the fact that Onew is struggling these days. Onew actually worried a lot about his career as a singer after vocal cord surgery—even before getting surgery. He said he had a lot of worries about what path he should take in the future.”

However, Kim Yeon Woo positively reassured, “He worries a lot, but I have a feeling that he’ll do well even if he puts out a solo album later. His vocal range has gotten better and he sings comfortably now. I’m watching over him for free because I adore Onew. He has such a good heart, so I buy him drinks and give lessons for free. Where would he be able to find another hyung like me?” causing laughter in the studio.
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