Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min Lock Lips on “We Got Married”

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The day has finally come.

On the December 20 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” virtual couple Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young were seen playing the legendary pepero game. The game itself is simple and straight-forward, but it is up to the players to decide how to act when the stick starts to get short.

Without any hesitation, the couple placed the pepero between their lips, and in no time, the stick had almost completely disappeared. With barely an inch left, the two continued to nibble the pepero, and finally, Namgoong Min’s upper lip touched that of Hong Jin Young.

When the situation was over, Hong Jin Young tried to deny the fact that they had kissed each other, while Namgoong Min teased his wife, saying, “My lips touched yours!” Shy and embarrassed, Hong Jin Young laughed over his reaction, while the husband continued, “My lips touched yours, but you’re trying to fool me by saying they didn’t!”

During an interview with the producers, Namgoong Min joked, “It was a kiss. But Jin Young appeared slightly embarrassed, so I think that’s why I said those things. When my lips touched hers, I should’ve just…(grin)”

Hong Jin Young offered her interpretation of the situation, and said, “Both the upper and lower lip did not meet. It’s invalid. To be continued. Now that we locked our upper lips, it’s only a matter of time when our lower lips meet.”

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