Oh Jung Se Makes a Cameo on “Misaeng”

2014-12-20 18:43:00 2014-12-20 18:43:00

Behind-the-scenes photos from the set of “Misaeng” show Oh Jung Se preparing for his special cameo. The actor, who you may recognize from “Plus Nine Boys” and other dramas and films, was seen looking over a “Misaeng” script while on the One International office set.

While most of the actors who appear in the One International office wear a suit, Oh Jung Se appears quite differently, wearing casual clothes. As he’s seen crouching in one scene, viewers are curious if his character sneaked into the company office somehow.

As news of Oh Jung Se’s cameo on “Misaeng” got out, many people have been anticipating his appearance. He appeared on the December 20 broadcast.

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