Lee Hyun Woo Discusses Playing a More Mature and Bold Character in Upcoming Film in Nylon Interview

2014-12-21 22:46:10 2014-12-21 22:46:10

Actor Lee Hyun Woo showed off his masculine side in his latest photo shoot with the fashion magazine Nylon, reflecting his transformation into a macho man in the movie “Criminal Designers” (aka “The Technicians).

lee hyun woo

Whether he is wearing a jean jacket while zoning off into space as if he is deeply in thought or slightly frowning while biting the collar of his jacket, the photo shoots revealed a more charismatic side of Lee Hyun Woo contrasting to his previous young and naïve roles.

Lee Hyun Woo will be playing the role of a genius hacker who can unlock all security systems with just a touch of his fingertips. Female fans that had been swooning over his sweet charms will now be dazzled by his more masculine side in the movie.

In “Criminal Designers,” Lee Hyun Woo flaunted his rough side, learning how to smoke cigarettes for the first time just for the movie, tattooing his fingers while biting words rolled off his tongue.

“Unlike my previous roles in which I mostly acted as a teenager, this time I will be portraying the charms of a mature and bold character,” he said. Fans will be able to confirm his transformation in the movie, where his character hides a chilling and sharp smile behind a young and innocent face.

“Criminal Designers” is a heister movie in which only the best technicians get together to steal 150 million dollars in 40 minutes from Incheon Customs, which is one of the most strictly secured areas in Northeast Asia. It will open in theaters on Christmas Eve.