Man Se Smooches Chu Sarang on the Lips on “Superman Returns”

2014-12-21 07:24:09 2014-12-21 07:24:09

Man Se and Chu Sarang became friends on “Superman Returns.”

On the episode of KBS2’s “Superman is Back” that aired on December 21, Song Il Gook’s triplets met with Chu Sarang and her dad in Tokyo.

While Chu Sung Hoon made hamburger steaks, Song Il Gook played with the children by reading a picture book for them. The triplets and Chu Sarang were captivated by Song Il Gook’s lively story telling.

While reading, Song Il Gook asked Man Se to “Give Sarang a kiss,” which he did right away without any doubt, surprising the audience. The two seemed to have become good friends, playing around and touching each other’s face during naptime as well.

Afterwards, the triplets and Chu Sarang had a great time together while eating Chu Sung Hoon’s homemade hamburger steak.

The children’s healthy appetite, which has been their trademark on “Superman Returns,” especially shined during dessert, when all four shoved strawberries in their mouth and enjoyed their treat. As the eldest, Chu Sarang could be seen taking care of the triplets, sharing her strawberries with Man Se.

Chu Sarang and Man Se