Sistar’s Soyou Says She Really Wants to Date

2014-12-21 13:24:22 2014-12-21 13:24:22

Girl group Sistar‘s member Soyou revealed in an interview that she really wants to start dating.

On the latest episode of entertainment news show “Section TV,” they had an opportunity to interview Soyou about her latest soundtrack single for “The Snow Queen 2.”

During the interview, she revealed that she has heard that there were people who really liked her, but also added that they never got in contact with her.

When the reporter asked her if she ever wants to date, Soyou replied, “I do want to date. If there’s a chance, I’ll grab it.”

She continued, “I think dating is essential in life,” saying, “you have to grab the opportunity while you can.” She further added cheekily, “Should I reveal my phone number here?”

Soyou has recently recorded her first animated movie OST, as she sang “Diamond” for the upcoming film “The Snow Queen 2.”

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