BTOB Announces Free Lunch Event To Promote New Winter Album

2014-12-22 22:29:32 2014-12-22 22:29:32

BTOB has announced a new event to promote its new single “The Winter’s Tale (You Can’t Cry).” The group announced the “(Only Today) You Can’t Cry” event via its official Facebook page on December 23.

The announcement uses the single’s title in a play-on-words, stating that “for those who are lonely and tired of their daily routine, BTOB will treat you to jjajangmyun (noodles in black bean sauce) or jjambbong (spicy noodle soup). For at least that day, ‘you can’t cry.’” The promotion gives BTOB’s fans reason to smile and sends the message that, at least for Christmas, they should be happy.

While generous, the promotion will only be offered for a limited time during lunch time on Christmas Eve. Those in Korea can check BTOB’s official Facebook page for further information on participating in the event.

“The Winer’s Tale” is the title track of BTOB’s special winter album. The album, consisting of five songs including “The Winter’s Tale,” was released December 22.