Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Yuna, and Suzy Are the Top 3 CF Models of 2014

2014-12-22 10:56:45 2014-12-22 18:52:46
Most Preferred CF Model

The top commercial model for November was actress Jun Ji Hyun, according to the Korea Advertisers Comprehensive Research Institute.

On a measurement of Mind Rating Points (MRP), Jun Ji Hyun recorded 10.76 percent, giving her the top spot in November. She finally overcame figure skating queen Kim Yuna after five months since this past July to take the lead.

After her starring role in “My Love From The Stars,” Jun Ji Hyun became to be known as the “CF Queen” for appearing on numerous commercials aimed at the female consumers.

Kim Yuna recorded 8.82 percent in November, and Suzy from miss A came in third with 6.43 percent.

These three CF models have been dominating the top three spots for the past 10 months, and looking at the trend, they are highly likely to finish the year as the top three.