Kim Woo Bin’s 2014 Income Estimated at 8.6 Billion Won from Commercials and Tours Alone

2014-12-22 23:12:00 2014-12-22 23:12:00

Kim Woo Bin’s income for 2014 from commercials alone is estimated to be a whopping 8.6 billion won (approx. 7.8 million USD).

In tvN’s “List Reveal 2014,” aired on December 22, Kim Woo Bin was nominated in sixth place for the “stars that hit jackpot after hard work” special.

Despite the expensive prices of Korean stars’ fan meeting tickets in China and Taiwan, often reaching 140,000 won (approx. 130 USD), all of Kim Woo Bin’s tickets for his seven fan meetings were sold out within five minutes. When calculating the ticket income from the 12,700 people who came to the fan meetings, Kim Woo Bin received 1.6 billion won (approx. 1.5 million USD) from the tickets alone.

This isn’t the only example of Kim Woo Bin’s astronomic income due to his growing popularity. He has starred in at least 10 commercials in Korea and at least five overseas. While he receives around 400 million won (approx. 360,000 USD) per commercial, his paycheck overseas reaches well over 600 million won (540,000 USD) per commercial, making his income from those commercials alone – combining both Korean and Chinese endorsements – around 7 billion won (approx. 6.3 million USD) in total.

Additionally, Kim Woo Bin is anticipating another wave of popularity after the release of the movie “The Technicians,” in which he plays the role of a skilled cracksman.