“Misaeng” Season 2 Under Consideration

2014-12-22 09:11:41 2015-10-26 01:29:07

The popular tvN drama, “Misaeng,” concluded its  first season, but there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for the production of a second season.

“The  scenes in Jordan from episode 20 should be viewed as a preview to season two,” revealed a staff member. “Author Yoon Tae Ho said the second season will feature a lot of scenes in Jordan.”

During a celebration before the season finale, many cast and staff members talked about regrouping, and CEO of CJ E&M Entertainment requested for another season.

Although the responses to season two have been met with great enthusiasm, the production may take more time than the first season. For starters, the second season of the “Misaeng” webtoon series will release in March next year. The dramatization of a webtoon series is based on  the plot of the original webtoon.”

“To be honest, it’s still too early to be discussing production,” said a tvN official. “It may even take two years before the second season is released. All we can say now for sure is that the door is open to the possibility of season two.”