ZE:A Kevin’s Beautiful House in Australia Is Revealed

2014-12-22 22:48:08 2014-12-22 22:59:07

ZE:A’s Kevin became the center of attention between fans after he revealed his house in Australia.

Star Empire Entertainment, ZE:A’s managing agency, has been revealing Kevin and Ha Min Woo’s travel story in Australia for fans since November 30 through their side YouTube account.

In a picture posted on the agency’s twitter on December 22, promoting the most recent episode of their travels, Kevin’s house appeared, catching the attention of fans with its luxurious and spacious design. In the image, Kevin and Ha Min Woo are posing in front of an ivory two-floored house, which they will be staying for the 15 days of their vacation.

The two have been spending a relaxing vacation in Australia while riding horses or skydiving. By sharing their daily life through short clips, they have been providing the ultimate fan service.

Meanwhile, Kevin has been participating as the main DJ for ArirangTV radio’s “Hot Beat,” and Ha Minwoo has been casted for the Japanese performance of “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.”

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